The New Guardians Plan Moving Forward for Canada

Our plan is simple, make it to where non-law enforcement officers/officials can reap the same benefits. A new day has dawned, professional members within the public/corporate working sector can enroll in the Toronto Guardians Justice Shield Plan membership and pay a monthly fee collectively in order for every member to have access to said legal representation without paying high lawyer fees in Ontario that are currently breaking everyone’s budget.


For as little as $30.00 a week per member, The Toronto Guardians Justice Shield Plan gives you the power to talk to and be represented by our lawyers regarding any Human Rights discrepancy within the following areas of the Prohibited Grounds of the Ontario Canada Human Rights Code:

The Code protects against discrimination on the following grounds:
• Race
• Colour
• Ancestry
• Creed (religion)
• Place of Origin
• Ethnic Origin
• Citizenship
• Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity)
• Sexual Orientation
• Age
• Marital Status
• Family Status
• Disability
• Receipt of Public Assistance


Human Rights struggles will always be on the forefront for racialized people in society, your Toronto Guardians Justice Shield provider law firm will be there to offer advice or assistance on all Human Rights issues. Your membership allows you to have peace of mind that you have a Human Rights Lawyer when you need one, without having to pay the upfront cost of highly expensive retainer fees due to the fact that Canadian Lawyers don’t work for clients on retainer! Protect yourself and your family, because everyone has the right to a good Lawyer.


The Loss Of Public Confidence In The Ontario Justice System

The current climate of Human Rights Injustice in Ontario, is the fact that about 80 percent of Ontarians believe that the legal system works better for the haves and not the have nots. In a society committed to the rule of law and the principles of equality and fairness, the system is seriously flawed for racialized people.

In Toronto’s very diverse culture, a high proportion of racialized people have legal problems that are very extensive, time consuming/long, complicated, and expensive. The combination of these three factors tends to lead people to severe stress, hopelessness, frustration, bad credit, divorce, etc. As well as people that seek assistance from lawyers that are faced with substantial barriers, such as language, income, geographical access.


Our dedicated Human Rights Lawyers network is the framework that enables our members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm that is Passionate, Dedicated, Ready, and Willing to help with any Human Rights issue. Our Lawyers have an average of 20 years of experience and whose retainers are paid in advance by The Toronto Guardians for Unity, Peace, & Justice Inc.


The Toronto Guardians Justice Shield Family Support

The Toronto Guardians move as a team, we never move alone! Our strong support for our brother and sister members is maintained everyday of the year, as we are a family. The huge benefit in being a part of our family is that every member has full access to our monthly meetings, which allows you to update the members of your progress and need for extra support from members from different professions. Our membership support is tremendous, especially in the area of public litigation, press releases/newspaper articles, and community functions, etc. Toronto Guardian members attend every member court case, which is a proven method that has achieved high levels of success within the public arena, and social media within the United States and will in Canada.

Please fill out your Toronto Guardians Justice Shield membership application in order to get the process started, and a Toronto Guardian member will be in contact with you regarding the next steps once your application is complete.

Thank you in advance, as we have a lot of work to do as a family! Because no one can fight against Human Rights Injustice by themselves!
We Move as a Team, We never move Alone…..

Be Blessed.....

Mr. Keith Hassell